Sunday, November 26, 2006

congrats to jonathan!

devoted readers know that i've been a big fan of johnathan at joe ever since he opened -- indeed on his second week i went with scaa consumer member and technivorm fiend steve bookman (really technivorm should put him on their payroll, he is by far their best spokesmodel) to visit jonathan. whereby i was so thrilled i called mark prince in vancouver on his cellphone to tell mark that he had to interview jonathan post-haste.

which i think never happened, but don't say i didn't try. . .

so congrats to jonathan on this nice piece in the nytimes today. he deserves it.

(however, i will once again remark that whenever i read an nytimes article on a subject i know even the slightest about, i am struck by the number of factual errors in it.

of course i'm not intimiate with jonathan's detailed financials, but just from knowing a few coffee retailers and being a bit familiar with the nyc retail coffee condition, some of the stuff in that article just isn't possible. unh-unh, not unless the nyc commercial real estate market, the tax system, the labor market, and coffee habits of new yorkers all suddenly changed the last week i was in manila.

and i'm pretty sure jonathan would vouch for my instincts here. the best way to find out dear readers is of course to go to one of his shops and ask him; the last time i wandered in to one of his shops, he was washing cups himself behind the counter. . .before picking up a mop.

if jonathan does well, frankly, it's because he busts his own butt about 300 hours a week, as far as i can tell. but anyway, i really wonder why the times of all papers, can't seem to get even these relatively simple stories right!)

anyway, gotta rush and make pizza dougha as usual today. let me also take this moment to note that as soon as i'm back, i'm leaving again.

i will be travelling for the next 2 weeks or so as of tuesday. i will try to blog as often as i can, but it will probably be sporadic for a bit.

so please be patient and i'll see you in mid-december!

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