Sunday, November 19, 2006

home again home again

if bccy were a food blog, i'd post all the pix of the beautiful filipino food i took, but luckily for you all, dear readers, it's not. the first thing i did after my 25-hr. economy-class flight from manila to hong kong to vancouver to nyc was crash.

about 12 hours later, i climbed outta bed and turned on caesar vibiemme to warm up. as he did so, i pondered the irony -- the one chance i had to spend some time in vancouver, the coffee mecca of canada, is the day they suffer a potable water crisis and have no coffee!

yes, it seems most coffee shops were serving everything but, and the normally even-keeled canadians are now even fighting for bottled water as the crisis continues. (i guess those environmentalists who warned that the country shouldn't clear-cut the forests were correct, as apparently it's silt from denuded areas that now contaminates the water supply.)

ok, so a person who has just flown over half the known world in the extremely polluting form of travel known as "jet airplane" shouldn't suddenly get all inconvenient truth, i know. . .

which is why i try to steer clear of boring politics and stick to coffee, which is interesting. the only beans i had in the house happened to be mark inman's chocolate-y espresso 0 from taylormaid. i always love opening his cheerful yellow cans (that just happen to be recyclable and thus good for the environment)!

anyway, the espresso 0's a great espresso and it was certainly welcome. the only problem with flying the otherwise stellar cathay pacific was that all the "coffee" they offered was nescafe.

25 hours. a middle seat. no real coffee. . .ouch. that hurt.

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