Wednesday, November 15, 2006

more chocolate as a health food

"two tablespoonfuls of dark chocolate a day is good for your health, a new study has found. the sweet treat has a similar biochemical effect to aspirin and can reduce the likelihood of blood clotting."

ok, there it is. does this mean that those people who have a problem with aspirin could instead eat dark chocolate for cardiovascular prevention?

my husband is sensitive to aspirin, but takes his little baby aspirin every day -- might it be better if he switched to a few squares of hachez? he'd certainly enjoy it more!

and by the way, i'm aware that while i'm in manila, the annual nyc chocolate show's on. i find the chocolate show too depressing to attend anymore, myself, so i don't miss it.

i loved seeing all the great artisan chocolatiers, but couldn't stand the crowds and the ever-proliferating stand of cheap chocolate-covered pretzels, etc. to see the artisans alongside that junk was getting unedurable, and really brought the tone of the show down, to my mind.

however, i do find the wine flavoring trend somewhat interesting, altho' its just an extension of conventional pairings, and of course champagne has always been in truffles.

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