Tuesday, November 21, 2006

nice article on home roasting

"america's most finicky coffee drinkers tout their caffeine connoisseurship in many, often contradictory, ways. they spend a bundle at starbucks, or refuse to patronize big chains. they only drink espresso, or decline any cup of joe they didn't brew themselves."

while i deny that coffee lovers are "contradictory" in our connoisseurship, i will still applaud this nice article in business week on home roasting.

many of the better independent specialty roasters will sell green to customers who request them; and i'm surprised the article failed to mention bob yellin's co-op. but c'est la vie -- no single article is ever perfect.

as for where i personally fall on the above spectrum, i think i'm well gone towards the "decline any cup" i didn't brew myself. . .unless brewed by a known barista. (that means you, mike!)

but seriously, now that i'm back home from manila, i feel like i have a strong understanding of caesar vibiemme's workings. and i believe i'm beginning to pull consistent shots that stay in his known "good ranges."

of course this means i'll soon be lowering his temperature to italian standards! don't worry, readers, i'll blog that in the same detail i did when i fixed carlos expobar's p-stat. . .

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