Friday, November 24, 2006

steak wave

wow! i'm surprised by the vast flood of incoming email in response to my husband's decision to eat porterhouse yesterday.

i was expecting tons of criticism for changing child's mousse recipe. . .but no. it seems more people wanna bag the bird and eat steak for thanksgiving: at what point do we call it a trend?

tomorrow i'm digging out the computer screwdriver to attack caesar vibiemme's p-stat, so i can lower his temperature to italian standards.

i'll try to take a photo or two of this process, which basically consists of prying off a black cap near his water tank, randomly turning a tiny screw by minute amounts, and then measuring his water temperature and double-checking his steaming ability.

it's pure trial and error, alas. i've never understood why the italian manufacturers don't put a tick mark or two on the p-stat to say, mark an angle of 5 degrees.

that at least would give us all some vague idea of what we're doing. . .

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