Monday, November 27, 2006

when o when will the yoga fad end?

"i am a 'yoga mama': we kick soccer mom's tushies."

several readers today have kindly sent this terrifying piece to me. it thinks it has a hip tone. . . but actually, well, it's just so zune.

(speaking of which, i was in j&r during lunch: the hordes rushed past the zune display without stopping; while as always, the ipod accessory wall was so packed with people you could barely squeeze thru.

amazing how an object could be on sale for only 2 weeks before it's already become a synonym for "hopelessly uncool." the huddled masses sighed with dismay at the huge signs saying the new wii and playstation were out of stock.)

myself, i'm still reading my way thru the big yoga book, which -- coincidence? -- is not that far from several positions detailed here.

anyway, as soon as i finish said big book, i'll have a lot to say about it here. but that won't be until i'm back from tomorrow's trip overseas: life can really get in the way of one's coffee appreciation sometimes, as i'm wont to say.

as always, i'm packing quite a lot of 77% chocolove (i'm down with this anti-child slave labor policy, which used to be one of my biggest beefs) and my own dancing goats coffee with a travel press. when i return i'll pick up with caesar vibiemme too.

until then, dear readers! see ya in about 2 weeks!

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