Friday, December 29, 2006

ot: new year, new fragrance

long-time readers may recall that i -- when not cupping coffee of course -- wear l'heure bleue in the winter. this's been my habit for basically ever.

but this year i'm leaving the vanilla basenote and moving to kyara. that's right: i'm switching to mitsouko.

a lot people don't "get" these classics, which sounds like personal problem to me. such is life; they can wear the boring mass-market modern fragrances with 4 ingredients and smell like everyone else in the elevator.

to each their own.

all in all it's been a great year on the coffee front here at bccy, and once i find a new studio, next year should be looking up for yoga. also, the scaa has agreed to fund the nyc coffee meetup group.

thank you, scaa board!

i'll detail this news in the coming week. and on that note, i wish you all the happiest of new years!

be sure to celebrate with chocolate. . .

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