Thursday, December 21, 2006

small technology note

dear readers, as you may or may not know, the blogger service has released a new version and is gradually migrating blogs over to it. eventually i knew my day would come.

recently i received the dread notice on my account.

after a long stint in technology i find that while i understand all the virtues of upgrading to new versions with awesome hip features, i have also become quite risk averse. bccy ain't broke now, so. . .

in sum, i'm holding out against switching for as long as possible, frankly.

this blog -- sad but true! -- long ago exceeded proust -- all 7 volumes -- in word count. so i can't imagine how migrating it could go smoothly. and due to the peculiarities of blogger, i can't just back this baby up locally on my 'puter and compress it.

so shortly i'm going to have a take a break from cake baking, head standing, espresso drinking, and apple scripting to investigate the various softwares that suck down sites in one long slurp.

that way i can at least have a full back-up of this monster somewhere before i go into the new system. but alas this takes time!

and should blogger force me into this new system before i get around to the big back-up, and should the worst occur -- in upgrades it almost always does -- um well, um, i don't know.

i just don't know.

back to chocolate and coffee tomorrow. . .

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