Thursday, December 28, 2006

surprising challenge

so after my recent post on the illy article, i received a lot of email on the subject of illy freshness. i respect you ardent illy-lovers who are paying thru the nose for home delivery.

but illy coffee ain't the freshest. it just ain't. sorry.

can you get an illy profile fresher in high-quality beans from a local nabe roaster at a less shocking price? you sure bet.

you can even get a blend that tastes similar to illy, but a tad more complex (if that's your thing).

i was talking to both don s. of gillies and oren about this. oren even right away sent me his take, a 5-bean blend that's bright, floral, nutty, wood-spicy, and offers a heavy body with good crema.

it's his idea of an "illy plus" espresso. i bet mark inman of taylormaid could also do an exquisite job at this. . .and my husband might argue that jessica's batdorf dancing goats already is.

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