Wednesday, December 20, 2006

working thru mark inman's taylormaid espresso a

you know, mark inman of taylormaid sent me his espresso a, and i've been playing around with it in caesar vibiemme.

i still need to catch up with jim p. of 1st-line about getting that sirai p-stat re-set, but let's be real; i won't be able to get to him until after the new year.

so that leaves this morning flushing a lotta water thru caesar to get his temp down to 198 degrees f., where mark wants it. in the next few days i'm going to cover programming caesar's brain to do this flushing automagically with a simple button push.

in the meantime, i'm flipping thru the batdorf holiday catalog wishing my husband's favorite coffee, the dancing goats, came in a european decaf. short of that, this leaves inman with currently the best decaf espresso, if you ask me. . .

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