Friday, January 12, 2007


after spending some time on now smell this, and being a big fan of safran troublant, i ran over to dsh and ordered a sample of cimabue. this is supposed to be like safran troublant in double decadence.

sounds great to me; i love decadent, complex fragrances. problem is, said sample from dsh has never arrived.

i have emailed -- they did respond to that -- and after waiting another 3 days, i have called.

still no delivery, nor any estimate of delivery. i even tried to cancel the order, but the cheerful lady on the phone, said, no, no it will come in a day or two.

well, i ordered this baby well before new years. don't you think 2 weeks is enough for usps from boulder?

i sure do. i am officially and totally non-thrilled with dsh.

and i am politely suggesting that you dear readers learn from my experience and skip doing business with dsh. avoid 'em.

it's a drag, but some small businesses just can't keep up with their web orders. fulfillment, customer service, and/or refunds don't seem to be dsh's competency.

buy your perfume elsewhere; i feel ripped off, personally.

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