Tuesday, January 16, 2007

couldn't disagree more

"with the many generous activities of caffeine, it's easy to see why a cup of coffee has become a critical component of canadian drug culture. coffee is, after all, a performance drug with wide social approval. . ."

seriously, this article is so wrong on so many levels, i scarcely know where to start. specialty coffee is one of the world's great beverages, as complex and fine as any wine.

if you just want caffeine, drink jolt or red bull or something. a beautiful specialty coffee requires the utmost care from the farmer, the mill, the greenie (importer), the brownie (roaster), and the brewing retailer or consumer.

only when each member of the specialty coffee family has conscientiously fulfilled their devoted role can gorgeous coffee in all of its spectrum of flavors and unique body emerge into the cup. fine coffee is an artisans' product, not a "drug delivery system."

it's a tragedy really that so few people have been able to experience the voluptuous luxury of a specialty single-origin estate bean perfectly and freshly roasted, freshly ground, perfectly and freshly brewed.

this is why i hold the coffee meetups, to help educate consumers on these issues. have you r.s.v.p'd yet?

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