Thursday, January 11, 2007

dancing goat decaf arrives!

you know, i'm supposed to be describing peter g's counterculture c.o.e. from nicaragua, but i can't get there. i just can't stop drinking the el salvador finca malacara.

i love its honeyed snap. call me crazy. i will get to the nic soon!

and just as i was swearing that tomorrow i would surely talk more about the nic, what arrived in the mail but jessica's new batdorf dancing goats decaf!

ok, here's the taste test: this weekend i can put the original goat and its decaf brother side by side. let's see if my husband, who counts the goat as his fave coffee outside of rome, can tell the difference as an espresso. . .

thank you jessica! this decaf is all swiss water process (s.w.p), so i wonder how that will stack up next to the original?

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