Friday, January 19, 2007

excitement and non-

so this evening i returned from yoga class, had dinner, and was intent on enjoying an evening double decaf espresso, thanks to jessica's new batdorf decaf dancing goats. i'm pulling it really quick on caesar vibiemme -- 23 seconds, but it still has a nice syrupy body.

and so i planned to hang out with hotel costes 9 and my friday nite espresso. . .thus i ground, flushed, tamped, locked and started the pull. there i was with one eye on the honeyed stream and another on the timer when to my complete amazement, the portafilter blew right off the group.

fortunately i was wearing a thick, heavy turkish terrycloth robe at the time, otherwise i would have been impacted right in the sternum by a spinning hot portafilter spewing steaming grounds. there was coffee all over the floor, caesar, and down the front of the robe.

yikes! i've never had that happen before. never.

after a quick clean-up and garment change, i managed to pull a normal decaf double, and settled down to my original plan (gotan project's tango electronica, diferente, seems to be the big hit here). ahh.

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