Friday, January 05, 2007

peter g's counterculture c.o.e.

what a fabulous surprise came my way from peter g. at counterculture. 2 c.o.e. coffees, one from el salvador, the other from nicaragua.

the nicaraguan is from the luis a vasquez co-op, and it's an organic, fair-trade, shade-grown bean. this coffee sold for an amazing US$7.05 a pound green at auction, based solely on its cup quality.

the coffee's shaded by avocado and walnut trees, which host birds like toucans and white wing doves. and it's 100% bourbon!

the professional, international jury rated this coffee at more than 87. . .for its mix of floral, fruit, and chocolate aromas. this one should definitely be fascinating in the chemex or cafetiére.

the el salvador's from finca malacara, a family farm where coffee's been grown at an altitude of 5,000 ft. for more than 100 years. this may very well be the most renowned coffee farm in el salvador; the beans were at one time particularly prized in europe.

again, the cupping jury bestowed an 86 on this coffee, citing its strawberry, caramel, honey and milk chocolate tones. this may be one for the vac pot, to make the most of that strawberry.

both coffees bear a roast date of jan. 3. thank you peter! i'll talk more about one of these tomorrow.

after so much time with espresso and caesar vibiemme, it's interesting to return to the beautiful, prize-winning single origins.

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