Wednesday, January 17, 2007

woo! pacamara in da house

oh yeah, today i have to thank jessica of batdorf for her latitudes el salvador finca siberia pacamara. it's roast-dated the 15th.

these pacamara beans are a somewhat rare coffee variety, a distinct member of the arabica family. the pacamara is a cross of the giant "elephant bean" maragogype from brazil and caturra, a mutation of the bourbon variety also discovered in brazil.

pacamara generally has the reputation of being a real "coffee personality," idiosyncratic and filled with character. the beans are quite large, a trait they inherit from their maragogype parent, but brew up with a good body, which comes from the caturra.

this coffee's raised at 1,450 m. (4,760 ft.!) in volcanic soil in chalchuapa, ahuachapan. it's also shade-grown by a family that has been farming the siberia plot since 1870.

this particular plot was given the name siberia due to its remote position on the mountain, which exposes the coffee to some harsh weather types. due to this, i'm expecting this coffee to be bright and crisp.

definitely one for the cafetiére or chemex, if you ask me. even if you don't, i'll be telling you tomorrow. . .

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