Tuesday, January 09, 2007

workin' on the railroad

so i was returning to civilization via metro north, when i realized that i somehow managed to spend most of this business outing convincing the lead programmer to stop focusing on whether she needed a rancilio silvia or a gaggia classic and to understand the real choice was to buy a decent espresso grinder.

but in the end, the business excursion -- it's not worth calling a trip unless you traverse at least 3 countries, i've decided -- seemed to go ok. i mean no one threw tomatoes.

but seriously, the only way i survived the past 2 days was via the mercy of peter giuliano's counterculture finca malacara from friday. it's floral, it's sweetly spicy, it's honeyed, and boy howdy does it snap.

the cafetiére gives it a good body -- plush seems a perfect descriptor -- so that's my recommendation. just brew it as i did for the chicklets from the eagle. . .

in other news, i must apologize for blogspot being down a good part of today. sorry!

blogger was doing some maintenance or something. anyway, you probably weren't too distressed, since, of course, the main thing on everyone's mind was steve's new phone.

where do i stand in line? i'll bring my sleeping bag, since it's gonna be a long, long wait until june. . .

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