Saturday, February 24, 2007

and my true love gave to me. . .

a wireless router. now i can blog directly from caesar vibiemme at high speed.

it took hours to set up, because at first it was completely and mysteriously allergic to my rca high-speed modem (as you can see, it's not an apple product -- must cease buying non-apple products -- when will people learn?). why wouldn't it connect?

duh -- firmware. it needed not one but two firmware upgrades before it would consent to talk to the modem.

so kiddies, let this be a reminder -- upgrade the firmware first if an upgrade is available. it can be a great time and frustration saver.

but after about 5 tech support calls to my isp and the router maker, i'm finally good to go. i'll be enjoying jessica's latest fresh batch of delicious dancing goats while i blog from the kitchen.

thanks to you jessica!

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