Thursday, February 22, 2007

coffee gets better every day

"a spanish study has found coffee, known as a source of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds, also contains high levels of soluble dietary fiber."

i certainly would never have guessed this
. so if fiber is good for you, each cup of coffee offers 1.8 grams.

most adult americans drink about 3 cups of coffee a day, meaning your normal coffee intake could be providing almost a quarter of the fiber you need daily. (long-time readers know that overall, outside the u.s.a. consumption averages about 1-1/2 cups a day, much of it instant, or soluble, coffee.)

just when we think we know all about it, coffee proves surprising in new ways almost every day! this is part of its fascination.

myself, i had an encounter in upstate new york with a hi-tech keurig commercial brewer. the capsules were from long-time bccy pals gmcr.

when i went to try it, the capsules had clogged the gizmo's ejection pathway and it refused to brew. . .nobody knew how to fix it, so there was no coffee all afternoon.

bummer! hmm. i wonder how often that happens?

again, it made me long for a low-tech tube sock and a glass jug! but speaking of long days filled with suffering, i will declare that the best waterproof mascara seems to me to be dior's diorshow in azure.

not only does it reduce the appearness of redness in the eyes, the stuff stays on like glue. no under-eye raccoon circles here, even after 14 hours!

so while i quietly endured a total coffee lack, i could at least console myself that my makeup hadn't smeared. (beauty tip: if you use concealer under your eyes, dust the concealer with a smidge of powder; this will help prevent the oil in the concealer from "attracting" the mascara. . .)

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