Wednesday, February 14, 2007

coffee hows

so one of bccy's best-est pals finally has his own website. he's still working on it, but it contains the most crucial info, which is how to find him.

and that person is the amazing david haddock, helicopter pilot, barista judge, consumer educator, and specialty coffee entrepreneur. i've lost count of how many coffeeshops he's helped people open now.

honestly, david knows everything about brewing coffee at home or in a retail environment. he's possibly the only person who can make the criteria for selecting a good auto-drip pot by the design of its showerhead suspenseful stuff.

i mean, he has a passion for coffee and an uncanny ability to instill it in others. welcome to the web david -- can't wait to see your final website version!

with all reserve of a southern gentleman, he calls himself a mere "coffee brewing theorist." can you imagine!

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