Tuesday, February 13, 2007

dr. joe in the news!

"coffee was the largest single contributor on a daily basis for the average american, contributing 31% of the total daily antioxidants. coffee is high in phenolic acids and chlorogenic acid, and is the number one antioxidant molecule in the american diet," the professor [dr. joe vinson] explained.

'but do high polyphenol foods and beverages act as antioxidants in the body?' he asked. 'coffee given to humans increases plasma antioxidant capacity, and the polyphenol metabolites act as antioxidants at the level of low density lipoprotein (ldl), decreasing its oxidizability, a possible benefit for slowing down the atherosclerosis process and lowering the risk of heart disease. recent studies have shown that milk drunk in coffee does not inhibit the absorption of polyphenols in a cell and animal experiment'. . ."

and what a nice media bit for long-time bccy pal dr. joe vinson! devoted readers know that dr. joe's been a friend of bccy for several years.

in short, what dr. joe's saying is the natural anti-oxidants in coffee may contribute to reducing hardening of the arteries and thus lowering the risk of heart disease.

the whole thing about milk is important -- since alas those dead-leaf drinkers have learned that adding milk in tea may destroy its anti-oxidant benefits. but not so with coffee, it seems, as of now.

so as you enjoy your noo yawk regulah, don't worry that the milk will block the health benefits! oh, and of course, for us chocolate fiends, dr. joe concludes by reminding us that it too may have useful antioxidant benefits. . .

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