Friday, February 09, 2007

drinking la golondrina

so naturally i was drinking yesterday's la golondrina, enjoying its nippy, floral, caramel, and vanilla qualities, when i spotted this post from our pals at souljerky.

even as i was thinking "this coffee has great body! quite heavy for a colombian!" my eye just plain stopped at this statement from long-time yoga buddy spiros:

"for example, in ayurveda, coffee should technically be classified as a bitter, no?"

because of course we coffee people believe that coffee is naturally sweet. only dark roasting or poor preparation makes it bitter.

of course, a post from a long-time ago by one of bccy's oldest ayurvedic pals covers the ayurveda of coffee. basically, if you have ayurvedic concerns about the noble bean, just add your spices to adjust.

and of course milk, if you so desire. of course perhaps you are of the sort that finds ayurveda confusing, or just not for you, period.

in that case, i wouldn't worry. western science continues to find evidence that moderate amounts of coffee can be beneficial to your health.

spiros, i encourage you to follow the example of our mutual friend, the great yogini nancy la nasa. let swami sivananda be your guide. . . drink your coffee before practice, if you like, and don't let obsession about it become another attachment!

that is, i deny that "coffee and yoga have an estranged relationship." following along the lines of mark whitwell, i would say the yoga is the relationship; and it's happening perfectly.

it's only when one adopts an extreme attitude towards either coffee or yourself that anything becomes "estranged."

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