Sunday, February 04, 2007

here i am, new blogger

well, i mostly survived the upgrade to the new blogger. so far, it looks only as if the new version has eaten my last 2 months of archives.

sadly, new blogger tries to force that ugly, clunky top navabar on you, which i immediately had to eliminate since it covered up the rose header. so sorry, blogger, i'm not trying to be a pain, but the full size of the rose is important you know?

if you all at google really object, i'll switch to using a script that allows the header to appear when people mouseover that area. otherwise, i just banished it.

this current look-n-feel could in fact use an change, but long-time readers know that i, in true web tradition, roll out new changes on may 1 as part of the annual re-boots. so old-skool, i know, but there i am.

anyway, the upgrade took only 3 minutes, which was much better than i expected. during that i time i sat nervously nibbling on my la dominicana veneto from yesterday.

now my immediate concern is the restoration of my most recent archives, which will probably take a week or two, since i think google will have to look at it. so thanks in advance for your patience and support.

dealing with this has eaten into my pizza-making time; as result, tonite i'll be making my famed ziti.

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