Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i vote sydney, actually

"a top melbourne food writer has leapt to the defence of geelong coffee as the debate over the local brew reached new heights."

how i envy that there would be a place where the quality of the local coffee would be cause to incite city-wide passions. but if there were to be such a place, it would of course have to be australia.

as long-time readers know, i have not traveled across scandinavia. so i cannot speak with authority on the quality of coffee beverages served there.

however, i can say with good knowledge that australia overall has the best general public coffee beverage quality of any country i have visited outside of italy itself. it definitely kicks the u.s.a.'s butt.

and while all the aussies i met seemed to feel themselves that melbourne had better coffee than sydney, i personally thought sydney's the place. i had sooo much good coffee in sydney. . .

speaking of good coffee, i brewed zoka's el salvador montenegro c.o.e. from yesterday in the vac pot. it came out very well -- nicely balanced, and sweet enough to easily enjoy black.

this montenegro seems to be a coffee that would particularly appeal to those devoted few who always take it black and scorn sugar or milk. . .

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