Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the ice storm

it's so easy to sit here in the sky in nyc and watch the glinting sleet blow sideways againt the poly-modern glass skyscrapers through an oyster-colored light. the promised valentine's day ice storm's not so bad. . .if you're indoors with plenty of espresso, valrhona cocoa, and a cozy afghan for two.

just make sure cupid's offering your holiday chocolate hot!

yesterday i had a great chance to talk to long-time bccy pal, scaa pro member, and all-around awesome coffee guy mark inman of taylormaid. i'll never understand why people don't get his delicious espressi -- it's among the most under-rated in the u.s.a.

mark and i talked about his forthcoming estate coffees, which sound very exciting. i'm hoping the first few come in early march.

already i'm looking forward to brewing 'em up and describin' them out! save some space in your mail-order coffee plans, readers, because mark's coffees are always something special.

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