Saturday, February 03, 2007

la dominicana

la dominicana organic chocolate long-time readers know my main problem with most organic chocolates is that for some reason they are unbearably waxy in the mouth. a lot of them feel like chewing those old-fashioned wax bottle candies with the weird liquid inside.

which is why i'm so excited to have discovered la dominicana, a 61% dark-milk bar with a better mouthfeel. the snap is only ok, and the finish is good (until you look at the back, which is a tad bubbly) with a pleasant shine.

i bought the bar shown here, as well as the "veneto," a version with ground espresso bits and ground lemon peel. the veneto is yummy, but of course grainy.

mostly, there's no wax-bottle feeling, which is all good. still, i do wonder why these organic bars never have world-class production values despite their very high prices.

at US$5 a bar, can't you get a nice, crisp mold with no bubbles? they have a nice not-too-sweet dark milk flavor -- i like these better than green & blacks and nearly as much as the old dagoba (before that nasty lead thing).

they're a seeds of change product, manufactured in italy. and i believe seeds for change, like g & b and dagoba, sold out a while ago to a corporate multi-national, in this case, mars. . .

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