Sunday, February 25, 2007

more fun with wireless home networking

wow! so my husband wanted to do the turbotax thing and needed a whole bunch of paperwork from my various work-related travels this year, like the giant trip to asia.

before i would have popped 'em on the thumb drive (nowadays they're so small i guess we should say "pinkie toe" drives!) and sneakered that over. but now i just turned on tiger's file sharing (2 clicks) and dropped 'em on my husband's mac pro.

that's laziness for you -- didn't even have to walk down the hall or put down my pink zoka demitasse. if i had needed to network with a visiting windows computer, that would have been 3 clicks. . .

i have no idea why we waited so long to get a router! it's funny to think of all the files flying thru the kitchen, like when olbermann tosses his papers at the end of his show.

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