Wednesday, February 28, 2007

my jaw dropped

"data from the organic trade association's 2006 manufacturer survey indicate that u.s. organic coffee sales totaled US$89 million in 2005, up 40 percent from the previous year. one factor driving organic coffee sales in the u.s. is the high quality of the beans.

"as an indication of quality, organic coffees won cup of excellence competitions in both brazil and nicaragua in 2006. the prestigious award program, managed by the u.s.-based alliance for coffee excellence, results in the selection of the best coffees produced in a particular country in a particular year."

this is normally the kind of thing i would cruise on by and take for granted in a specialty coffee context. as the quality of organic coffee has improved (hi, mark inman!) coffee lovers have responded.

what amazes me is the evil commercial coffee group, the nca, is having this discussion. it might be "green-washing" among the multi-national roasters.

or it might be that at last we specialty java drinkers who demand the highest quality beans are finally making our impact on the market! devoted readers know i often discuss cup of excellence coffees here, well before many have heard of them.

since these prize lots are usually rather small, you savvy readers can snap up the good stuff before everyone else. . .

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