Wednesday, February 07, 2007

stopping by gct

so today i had to run up to white plains, which is very very far from my usual haunts. i got off the train and found myself in the midst of mall-hattan!

seriously, manhattan has turned into such a chain-store nightmare, i couldn't tell the difference -- downtown white plains has tall buildings, saks, and pottery barns too.

just another reason to treasure the tree-lined streets of brownstone bklyn, where the sun sparkles on the river and the anchorage of the bridge gazes sweetly down upon us all.

anyway, this trip means i had to pass through grand central terminal, which means -- honest, i couldn't help myself -- the rush-hour crowd swept me into oren's place. and there various commuter guys were chatting up the slender blonde coffee chick with the ring in her nose.

she was doing pretty well, even tho' some these guys were like, 60. "when do you work?" one obviously married gentleman of a certain age asked her. "when do you get off?"

yikes! the perils of gct.

anyway, i picked up a half pound of o's yemen mocha mattari -- i've been drinking so much central lately (thanks, peter g!). tomorrow this 2-day old yemen hits the cafetiére!

spicy. . .and chocolate-y, i hope. . .

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