Saturday, February 10, 2007

supermodel central serves aglianico

so today i braved the total subway chaos and made my way down to supermodel central for the total hair & eyebrow package. there i am on the l.e.s. on an otherwise unnotable corner in a hidden storefront with the beautiful people sipping my aglianico d.o.c., when i realize what i really want is some valrhona hot cocoa.

i wander out down the dirty street past the sad lot where the ancient synagogue collapsed leaving only heaps of brick dust in its memory in search of a cab back to bklyn and home. because home is where the valrhona is.

but the next time i'm down at supermodel central, i must check out to see if the roasting plant's open yet. . .will this place, which already has a lot of buzz, prove 3rd-wave or just lame?

but i must say the view from the bklyn bridge on a clear winter night is always spectacular.

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