Monday, February 19, 2007

zoka zoka zoka

pink zoka demitasse
just in case you'd forgotten how awesome tracy allen and jeff babcock were, gaze upon the gorgeous pink zoka barware. this lustrous acf beauty came to me to today along with 2 lbs. of the underrated tangletown blend and another el salvador c.o.e., the montenegro de santa ana.

note that the montenegro de santa ana took fifth place at the competition with a cupping score of 91. coffee farmer amedeo figueroa has only been growing coffee since 1998, and this was his first entry!

so this is definitely an exciting bean. and what's awesome about this cup is that i think it's a new color -- acf doesn't yet show pink on its website!

i pronounce the pink acf an absolute must-have for skirt espresso lovers everywhere.

in short cool stuff from zoka. well, it's the kind heptitude you'd expect from them.

thank you very much jeff and tracy. you rock!

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