Sunday, March 25, 2007

oz in bklyn

of course my usual sunday pizza needs fresh mozzarella, so i ran as usual on a sunday, to my local garden of eden after noon, when the new mozz is done. and as i went my way thru the aisles, i couldn't help but notice that suddenly, australia has arrived.

yup, there in the cheese case was a thing i hadn't seen since my 2005 visit to david jones food hall in sydney -- yarra valley fruit paste for cheese. and the ozzie cheese with which to eat it, as well as the crackers on which to spread.

of course, i bought some paste, some cheese -- i already had crackers and wine, of course, couldn't justify buying all that. . .and then as i turned the corner. . .wow!

australian yogurt. even. well, ozzie-style at least.

it really is different, much creamier and sweeter, as thick as greek yogurt, but naturally sweet. . .now if only we could get some moreton bay bugs. . .or even tim-tams. . .

but seriously, if you can find the fruit paste, grab some. i love the apricot-pistachio and the pear-hazelnut both.

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