Wednesday, March 07, 2007

peter g's counterculture kenya auction lot

i've been remiss in mentioning peter g's counterculture kenya aa nyeri auction lot, the ivinge. you might say i've been too busy drinking it like a fiend.

i love its bright, piquant taste in the cafetiére, and i agree it has the scent of fresh figs, raisins, and an almost beefy aftertaste. i think it'll make a fantastic turkish coffee too.

i offered to share a bit with a colleague of mine who's a yama fanatic. and i must confess he's spent a good part of the week trying to talk me out of some more of it.

no way. i love it; so far i think it's the best of the single auction lots peter's had around, personally.

i should try it in the vac pot, maybe as soon as tomorrow.

maybe it's just the exotic fig thing -- that's not too common in a coffee, you know.

i just really enjoyed it this morning while reading yet another article on how fantastic chocolate is for your health. . .long-time readers know i'm a big fan of valrhona cocoa.

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