Thursday, March 22, 2007

pick a pint of pickled pique

"no, it's the commodification and rhetorical dumbing-down of yoga culture that gets to me."

as i've long said here myself. alas, instead of writing a truly righteous piece, the guy at slate goes on to harp about 1 dumb yj article.

as if 99% of yj weren't basically the same self-indulgent lint? ok, so the chick who wrote the particular bit that rouses slate's pique probably needs luvox to get over her obsession -- which seems plausibly close to becoming erotomania.

but he's a guy, who may be unfamiliar with the intense soul-juicing that passes for women's writing these days. look, my advice to slate is simple: if you want a real yoga magazine with serious, interesting yoga talk, check out namarupa.

ramaswami's article on his studies with krishnamacharya alone would be worth the cover price.

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