Sunday, March 11, 2007

proof the weather has truly changed. . .

. . .can be seen in today's pizza dough. it's just rising like spring pizza; winter pizza just behaves and feels different in the home kitchen.

other kinds of climate have changed too: for example, the indian coffee-drinking one! most people associate india with tea, but in fact fine coffee is grown in the south.

i myself have several times enjoyed a nice indian pearl mountain plantation a. and everyone knows illy holds a cupping competition in india for espresso use.

india's young people are catching on to the improving quality of indian coffee. consumption has risen 30% since last year alone.

when i began this blog in the depth of the so-called "coffee crisis," people used to giggle when i said the solution was to promote quality and consumption in asia, as well as sell quality and fight back against soft-drink marketing in the u.s.a.

but with all due modesty, this appears to be a working strategy. and to carry this even further, i think we should take a page from the rothfos playbook.

by that i mean i think greenie klaas van der kaaij's onto something when he talks about the next step being to focus like a laser on improving the quality and taste of decaf.

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