Monday, March 05, 2007

u.s.a. coffee consumption trumps that of soft drinks

"daily market penetration of coffee among u.s. adults surpassed that of soft drinks, restoring coffee's pre-1990 dominance, according to the national coffee association's national coffee drinking trends 2007 market research study. the study found 57 percent of american adults drink coffee daily, while 51 percent consume soft drinks daily."

bingo. we haven't been wasting our time here, dear readers!

but there's a bit of data i think needs highlighting:

"espresso-based beverages off by one percentage point from last year to 6 percent"

americans are still about drip brew here, folks. it's easy to lose perspective and think the "third wave" is going to be all about espresso; instead we need to realize that we have to focus on the beautiful single-estate origins as well.

i also find it interesting that coffee lovers appear to be registering the new offerings at dunkin and mcdonalds as "gourmet." that's a triumph of their marketing, it seems -- most of that is still what i would call commercial coffee, not specialty quality at all.

the scaa may want to consider working on ways to distinguish specialty a little more finely. . .

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