Friday, March 02, 2007

yum -- icing

i eat a lot of chocolate cupcakes; i have to, dear readers, you know.

anyway, after eating chocolate cupcakes around town, i've decided that the best ones are actually in my bklyn nabe, at tazza. specifically, the chocolate hostess-style cupcakes they sell there, with the extra thick, super-heavy, ultra-creamy chocolate icing.

these are like dream cupcakes, the way you wished hostess cupcakes were, the way cupcakes seemed to you as a small child. they are the fulfillment of all the possibilities of deliciousness you could see in the idea of the hostess cupcake, but which is completely lacking from that industrial product.

where do these mysterious beauties come from? of course the tazza staff is tight-lipped.

but surely someone must have sussed the true origin of these moist marvels. . . i don't think they come from downtown atlantic; they're much better than the ones i've tried there in the past.

'cuz whoever the pastry chef is who makes these things, i need to know. i'm an addict.

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