Monday, April 30, 2007

another beautiful tribute to julia campbell

"i remember once when we were hanging out, shooting the breeze about some horror in the news, julia said to me, 'why is the world the way it is?' she added quickly, as though embarrassed: 'i know it's a ridiculous question. but i wonder.'"

in today's ny times, columnist bob herbert writes this lovely piece about our mutual friend and yogini, julia campbell. i wish i could link to it, but it's behind the paper's subscription wall.

so all i can do is to note that it is a beautiful piece that accurately captures the pure, humanitarian spirit of the julia campbell i had the privilege to know. my own in memoriam to julia is here.

i did enjoy don schoenholt's superb lemony, caramel-candy ethiopia yrg today from gillies, but i can talk more about that tomorrow. . .

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