Monday, April 09, 2007

motley fool's, well, an idiot

"if anything, the cool beverages may be a bigger near-term threat -- and long-term opportunity -- to soft drink sales than conventional coffee cup orders."

has da fool never stuck his head inside a coffee shop? sometimes ya gotta wonder. . .

let's do this again for the record. "coffee is the engine that pulls breakfast," as ted lingle likes to say.

in 4-season climate zones, most regular hot coffee sales slow markedly after about 11:30am. the afternoon sees more flavors, decaf, and blended drinks.

in warmer climes, 2-season climates, or the summer of 4-season climates, blended beverages come out, with one exception.

which is teens. many teens have taken to drinking blended drinks the day round, which is why mickey d's et al have introduced 'em recently.

so the fool is stating what is the common wisdom of coffee retailers for, like, since forever.

as for the soft-drink scene, the fool's late to that party too. this year american coffee consumption surpassed soft drinks and soda -- can't the fool read a marketing survey like everyone else?

soft-drink sales are already down, and will continue to decline. coffee won that round. . .already.

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