Monday, April 16, 2007

ot: blogger code of civility

as a long-time user of the 'net, i have endured much, as have we all. since i am a strong believer in a positive but truthful community -- i hope the general conduct of this blogspace reflects that -- i am cautiously following the discussion about o'reilly's blogger code of civility.

the draft version offered the other day
seems pretty good -- sometimes to be truthful you have to point out negative things (like child slavery in chocolate, uncertified yoga teachers, or moldy robusta in the coffee) -- but it can be done in a responsible and socially constructive manner.

so as of today i'm going to start experimenting with this code. the specialty coffee family should be a positive experience for all.

online communities need to share some of the important parts of rl communities if they are going to be places we want to live in, especially for women, who are after all the major audience here at bccy.

i know not everyone will agree, and i hope we will disagree respectfully. but overall, even tho' bccy doesn't experience most of these issues, i think o'reilly has an important point.

anyway, i am going to experiment with o'reilly's ideas, starting today. generally bccy has no issues with its polite and even sweet steady audience of about 1,000 visitors a day; it's not like we have a problem here.

so perhaps the only change to be noticed here will be point 5 -- anonymous comments. as of today i will be rejecting out of hand all anonymous comments.

this is just an experiment and if it doesn't work out, or the code becomes too restrictive, i'll reconsider. but if it works out, i expect i will probably adopt it; it seems rather yogic overall.

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