Sunday, April 08, 2007

ot: yes i'm tweeting

frankly, i don't understand why every business person doesn't use twitter. but that's a different story.

i myself have just found twitter so handy that as you all can see, i've added it here. this allows you all to keep up with my various antics in real-time -- esp. you journalists seeking quick comment for stories -- or we can even make pizza together!

or what have you. so, if you're interested in all the obvious uses of twitter, just follow me.

the mac os x dashboard widget tweetahead allows you to do just that, meaning it's a great scheduler. just pop in your schedule for the day and guess what?

people will actually be able to find you; they will know where you are. and they will be able to see you're in a meeting -- and so not call you if you're busy!

in a situation where everyone's now constantly roving, travelling, going from meeting to meeting, office to office, pizza to yoga -- it's the only way to keep sane. imo.

it's fantastic. the only thing better than blogging is micro-blogging: twitter.

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