Thursday, April 19, 2007

r.i.p. beautiful yogini

i can hardly keep the tears from streaming down my face. i have just heard the tragic news about one of my yoga and shopping buddies, the beautiful julia campbell.

everyone was waiting for her to return to new york. everyone.

i have so many memories of julia, who loved hawaii, coffee, and as she once laughingly said to me, "my wine." she was an amazing soul and an excellent yoga teacher.

at one time there was a young girl at the yoga center who began to show signs of an eating disorder. julia -- this is how incredible she was -- spoke quietly, got involved -- having struggled with the issue herself -- and i believe was instrumental in getting the girl help.

but to know julia, who went from one amazing journalistic opportunity to another, you would think her life was charmed and problem-free. that effortless sense of style, her laugh that i've always described as "airy," her literate wit.

i will never ever ever forget the day we had breakfast at the peninsula hotel; we rode together in a limousine. . .i was a princess for a day, but she was always regal.

oh julia all brooklyn's prayers are with you and your family.

"know that That from which all this radiates is indestructible. no one can cause the destruction of imperishable Being.

it was never born nor does it ever die. having always been, it cannot cease to be. unborn, permanent, imperishable, ancient, it is not killed even when the body is killed."

-- the gita, ii, 27, 20, from this month's namarupa.

julia the yoga teacher knew she was not her body, not her mind, but shining eternal bliss. we will grieve deeply for her nonetheless.

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