Wednesday, April 04, 2007


"'for example, as many of us, i find myself drinking more gourmet coffee than ever before. as I like to treat myself to gourmet coffee each morning, i choose to brew folgers gourmet selections at home. it has a great aroma, tastes delicious, and is a remarkable value as compared to a bag of starbucks.'"

or so says the "lifestyle expert" in the folgers press release. long-time readers may recall that i too have reviewed the folgers "gourmet" coffee.

ok, now that i've picked myself up off the floor and climbed back into my chair, let me remark that what said "lifestyle (guffaw) expert" says is true. the stale pre-ground folgers gourmet you buy at the supermarket does cost less than the stale pre-ground starbucks you buy at the supermarket.

and in that way it is literally "a better value." if you think stale pre-ground coffee you buy at the supermarket has any value at all.

which we here at bccy sure don't.

on the other hand, i do praise the notion of brewing your own coffee at home. i encourage that; it is the best way to get wonderful coffee.

of course i spent my morning pulling delicious cappuccini from caesar vibiemme with mark inman's taylormaid espresso a from yesterday. she who brews last brews best?

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