Tuesday, April 03, 2007

taylormaid in da house!

woo-hoo! too many people still don't know about mark inman's taylormaid organic, bio-dynamic, shade-grown, tastes-fantastic, high-quality espressi.

i don't know why -- it's not like i don't talk about them all the time or anything. i think these are just "cult" coffees drunk by the cognoscenti. . .the screaming eagles and harlan estates of java, i guess.

anyway, today i was fortunate enough to be graced with the arrival of mark's espressi a and his 0. long-time readers know i'm a big fan of these two blends.

so thank you mark!

also, in light of my recent adventures with anti-oxidants and chocolate with the cocoavia, hershey's has also come to my door with their anti-oxidant milk chocolate product.

natural flavonols, says the pretty blue-n-gold bag. everyone knows i'm a dark chocolate skirt, so i'll turn these loose on my husband; he's the milk fiend.

let's see what he has to say this evening. . .

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