Sunday, May 13, 2007

3400 phinney

woo. so today when running out for the usual fresh mozz for pizza, i ran into a chocolate bar i haven't seen in nyc before – in fact i haven't seen it since i was last in seattle. and it's a yummy one.

in fact, i tend to think it's the best fair-trade chocolate out there now. of course, i'm talking about theo chocolate.

its cute i-dream-of-jeanie wrapper conceals a nicely made bar. good sheen, great snap, clean break.

fairly well molded, only slight signs of pooling on the back. the bar that's rapidly disappearing in my hot little hands is the 65% semi-sweet coffee.

i love the way this bar smells -- deeply chocolate. another big, big plus is that there's zero lecithin.

the candy's only slightly gritty, due to the very finely ground coffee, but is otherwise creamy and melts nicely in the mouth, covering the tongue and palate evenly.

some people complain that many chocolates have too much vanilla. well, that won't be a complaint with this bar.

highly recommended!

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