Sunday, May 06, 2007

budino cioccolato

ok so i picked up a super-cheap copy of giuliano hazan's fast-food italian cookbook, flipped it open, and glanced upon his recipe for chocolate-ricotta pudding.

"addictive" he says. "15 minutes to prepare."

bingo. i bought the book, stopped at my local garden of eden to pick up the eggs, heavy cream and fresh ricotta (of course i already had the chocolate at home!) – dear readers you can guess the rest.

this stuff is delicious. it's absurdly simple to make.

15 minutes to make is true: just pop the chocolate in the microwave to melt, add the cream, and beat the eggs in your stand mixer. i added a dash of vanilla.

hazan suggests chilling overnight, but frankly, it won't make it. i think 4 hours is the minimum, and honestly i was fighting my husband away from the fridge for the last two.

i'm calling this fantastic no-cook recipe a must. buy the book used. i don't care. just get your hands on this recipe!

note: i think if you add finely chopped almonds it becomes a budino toscano. just in case any of you are chocolate-almond freaks.

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