Friday, May 04, 2007

in case you couldn't spend all day in the park

today was definitely the most beautiful day we've had all year. but like most people you probably had to work in an office somewhere, farming a cube or rockin' your smed.

that's ok because my husband went to the brooklyn botanical garden for you. brooklyn really is this beautiful.

i don't mean to brag, but yes, he takes photos like this all the time.

he's one of these people who can't take a bad picture or make an ugly mark. it's frightening really, but on the other hand, that's why they pay him the big bucks, you know?

to make things worse, he bicycled home and made his delicious lighter-than-air spinach gnudi in sweet fresh tomato sauce.

and worse than worse is he won't give me his recipe. . .aarrgh!

how does he make them so light? they are like little meringues of ricotta deliciousness!

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