Saturday, May 12, 2007

ot: back to vanilla

if i told you i ran off today and smelled something that was apricot, dried plums, honey, vanilla, and had a long dark chocolate afterfeel, you'd instantly say, "oh she's been at those ethiopian coffees again!" well, coffee is part of it – but it's the awesome frapin 1270 from aedes.

so altho' some feel the 1270's a fall fragrance, i'll take anything that reminds me of a great ethiopian (already i imagine don schoenholt writing me to say, um, this could be a tanzanian too. . . )

i should have known i'd like it, since basenotes recommends it for those of us who love mitsouko.

i also picked up more safran troublant, which ends in vanilla, and serge lutens' un bois vanille to wear right now. i love this mix of coconut milk, almond, and vanilla, even tho' again, everyone says this is a scent for colder weather.

but who cares? well, if these don't work out i can always go back and ask karl or robert for more prince jardinier. . .!

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