Tuesday, May 22, 2007

raising consumption in guatemala

"guatemala has launched a canned coffee drink in a drive to introduce japanese-style drinking habits and raise languishing domestic consumption.

the central american country is a major origin of high-quality beans used to make ready-to-drink canned coffee, which sells massively in japan, but guatemala's home coffee consumption is low and has barely grown in recent years."

how very interesting! of course long-time readers know that an important step in stabilizing the coffee market and providing a secure livelihood for coffee farmers and their workers is to increase consumption in coffee-producing countries.

but that's hard to do, because most coffee-growing nations are frankly poor, where many citizens find access to clean water and electricity difficult. this makes it hard to brew and enjoy coffee.

what the average guatemalan is used to calling coffee, as all long-time readers know, is weak brew made from the worst beans, those too bad to export, with toasted corn as a filler, and a lot of sugar. needless to say that's a very acquired taste.

what i find of particular interest is that statement from the head of anacafe, the guatemalan coffee agency, that improving the quality of the coffee in the canned drink is what spurred sales. even people without a cultivated taste in coffee can instantly tell good from bad and prefer the good!

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