Thursday, May 10, 2007

retail coffee statistics

"the coffee market continues to grow rapidly, with the away from home segment increasing rapidly, according to datamonitor. five years ago the u.s. coffee market was worth $19 billion, and reached $29.3 billion last year.

coffee sales are forecast to grow by an additional $10 billion, to $39.5 billion in 2011. coffee consumed away from home is unequivocally dominating consumer spending, and is set to account for three quarters of all sales in the next five years.

the big winners are coffee shops whose sales have grown over 19 percent a year for the past five years."

and there we have it dear readers. despite these trends, i still strongly advocate brewing more coffee at home – it's a wonderful, affordable luxury that brings you closer to family and friends.

but i understand at the same time there are days when you have to dash off to work and must stop by the coffee shop! i do hope my friends the third-wave specialty retailers will be able to grow in this environment and benefit.

it would be a pity if chain stores grabbed most of this incredible market. . .

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